What makes a good domain name?

A domain name is a major part of the over all brand identity of your company. Many companies are also named after their domain names. If however you are a new company, you may find out that your company name is not available as a domain name because so many domain names are all ready taken and registered with someone else. The importance of a good domain name is essential to the success of your website and it has to blend well with your corporate identity branding strategy and be prevalent in print as well.

Most people do not understand the importance of a good domain name and the roll it plays with the search engines and what keywords people type in a search bar. For example, if you were a paper clip company called "Smith, Inc." and all you made were paper clips, you probably would not want as your domain name. It would be better to have because the search engines would pick up on those keywords better (and yes, someone already owns that domain name as well).

What makes a good domain? Here are few good tips that will help you in your quest for the right domain name.

1) Key Words

Whenever possible, use key search words within the domain name itself. There are many factors that search engines use in ranking a website but they do use keywords in the domain name as part of the overall ranking process. Search engine optimization is quite complicated but if you use everything you can to your benefit you might just come out ahead in the top rankings if this one benefit is added. It is not required to have a keyword domain name, especially when branding, a good search engine optimization company can still get your website into high rankings without one, but every little bit helps, it all depends on your overall marketing strategy.

2) Keep it short

Some experts say that a good domain name should not be more that 20 characters but 10 characters is even better. People can't remember a long domain name and it makes it too complicated to try and you will get lost in cyberspace as far as the search engines are concerned. Keep it short and to the point. All the one word domains are already taken and the two word ones as well, three word domains are just average and don't even think of using a four word domain name.

3) Memorable

To serve it's purpose, a domain name needs to be memorable. Most people do not bookmark their favorite websites, their brains only pick up on the key words or phrases that they remember, so it is key to use words that people will remember.

4) The proper extension

What is an extension? An extension or TLD (Top Level Domain) is the two or three letter suffix that comes after your domain name like .com, .org, .edu, .net, .info, .tv, .biz, and so forth, the list is quite extensive now days. Some extensions are only used for certain entities like .gov for government sites and .mil for the military. If you are a company, the use of .com is what you should be seeking for.

I would not recommend using a .net if the .com is already taken because most people would type in the .com and you could possibly be loosing business to your competitor (unless they were a very big company and you would be stealing business from them, but then you might also be infringing on their trademark rights and be forced to remove your entire website altogether).

5) Spelling

When choosing a good domain name, stay away from difficult to spell words. Think in terms of most people not being good at spelling and if they spell your domain name wrong, you could be sending them to a competitors site instead. Stay away from foreign words, Americans do not know how to spell these words.

6) Avoid the Flash

Do not use flashy symbols to try and glamorize your domain name. Web surfers do not use them and if you try and use them, you might end up sending your customers to your competitor instead, even if you used a memorable symbol.

7) Be Unique

A good domain name is one that is unique and original that is very descriptive and tells the story with just a few characters. Your name should instantly evoke a certain feeling of what to expect with your customers and visitors.

8) Be Descriptive

There are many ways people find a website. They type an address into the address bar, they type into a search bar or they click on an advertisement or a link from another website. So, having a domain name that describes what your site is about will grab their attention much more than a name they don't recognize. For example, if you were searching for car reviews, I think I would click on, or before I would click on because of the names of the domain name itself.

9) Brand-able

Some domain names do not have any descriptive words in them at all but they are instantly recognizable because of their popular brand and everyone who is familiar with that brand will easily be able to type that name into a URL address bar or in a search bar and find it.

10) Don't use Hyphens or Numbers

If you use a hyphen in your domain name, you will have the same problem as too long of a domain name or using the wrong extension or a weird spelling, etc. People will not find you or you will send your customers to your competitor. People will forget to put in the hyphen and get a different company or get frustrated that they can't seem to get your company. The same goes for domains that have a number in it, they will type out the number or forget the number altogether.

11) Be choosy when picking a registrar for your domain name

It is critical that when you are looking for a domain name you use a company that does not buy up the domain names that your are doing a query on. If you don't buy that name that very day, they buy it and they charge you a handsome fee to resell it back to you. Also, if the registrar has not been in business for very long, they might just go out of business and leave you in a bind trying to get your name with a new registrar. FireStorm Communications is proud to be affiliated with iPower, a very stable name in domain registrations.

In closing, I just want to say not to get discouraged if the domain name you want is already taken or that you can't find one that fits all of these recommendations. There are many web sites out there that are very popular sites and still do not utilize all of these points. As long as you keep most of these in mind, you should do alright.

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